Therapy Training For Individuals

Our therapy training courses will offer you the abilities you are looking for. We give you the knowledge and skills that will allow you to help yourself and others along with the importance of cleansing crystals, and to be grounded and protected during the therapy.
All courses are approved by Balens Insurance.

Crystal Therapy Training Courses
– £160 –

Approved by Balens Insurance Company

This course runs over 2 days, enabling you to become a competent and confident crystal therapist. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand the different crystal structures. We instruct you in the use of intuition when choosing crystals for healing yourself and others.

Our crystal therapy training ensures that you become confident at using a pendulum for assessment. You will benefit greatly from understanding the chakras, meridians, aura and specific techniques for healing these. We also focus on the importance of the protection gained from grounded cleansing crystals.

Our crystal therapy course is also run as a correspondence course with 1 day practical.

Thermo-Auricular Therapy
(Hopi-Ear Candling)
– £110 day courses –

Approved by Balens Insurance Company

One day intensive course. Covering everything you need to know to safely and professionally conduct therapy sessions.

Reiki Training

See my Reiki Classes page

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