Crystal Therapy Focuses On You

How Can Crystal Therapy Help You?

Science has proven the existence of the electromagnetic energy field around every physical body and organism. Crystals can absorb, focus, transmute and transmit electromagnetic energy. This can be used by realigning the biomagnetic sheath or aura that surrounds your physical body. In crystal therapy, various crystals are placed on or around you when you are fully clothed. After you have been assessed the appropriate crystals are chosen to bring back balance and harmony to you.

• Induce deep relaxation
• Release stress and pain
• Support the recovery of existing symptoms
• Activate and support the natural self-healing process

I have trained with Simon and Sue Lilly – authors of over 30 books

Crystal Therapy Just £35 Per Session

Assured crystal therapy recognised by the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists (ICGT)

"Karen is truly an angel, great healing session today fusion of Crystals and Reiki, I am now feeling re-balanced & recharged, looking forward to my next session in a few weeks - Thank you Karen"

- Heather Marshall

Crystal Therapy Training Courses
– £200

Approved by Balens Insurance Company

This course is run over 5 sessions of 3 hours, enabling you to become a competent and confident crystal therapist. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand the different crystal structures. We instruct you in the use of intuition when choosing crystals for healing yourself and others. 

Our crystal therapy training ensures that you become confident at using a pendulum for assessment. You will benefit greatly from understanding the chakras, meridians, aura and specific techniques for healing these. We also focus on the importance of being protected, centred and grounded.

Our crystal therapy course is also run as a correspondence course with 1 day practical.