EFT Offers The Help That You Need

Strong emotions can block your thinking and lead to worry, unwanted habits, and cravings. We do not want you to mask your emotional and physical pain with food, drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Free yourself to become the person you are capable of being

How Emotional Freedom Technique Can Free You

Emotional health is the background on which our happiness is founded. When you are emotionally healthy you can bounce back from life’s lessons with confidence and understanding. We understand that sometimes you can find it hard to deal with certain situations in life.

• Low mood and lack of confidence
• Stress and related symptoms
• Pain, grief and coming to terms with past events and traumas
• Children’s issues, fears and phobias
• Anxiety and panic attacks

60 Minute Sessions Just £30

Improve your emotional health with our emotional freedom technique. I have attended a 3 day conference/workshop with the founder of EFT Gary Craig.

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