Natural and Painless

Ear candle treatment is a natural relaxing therapy, used to calm the mind and soothe the head and ears. It is a completely painless and natural alternative to syringing that helps to rebalance the ear, drawing out impurities.

The Process and the Benefits of Ear Candle Treatment

Before the therapy I will examine the ears with an auriscope, to see if it is safe to carry out the procedure. Once the candle is lit you will hear a pleasant crackling noise during the treatment. After the candle treatment your ear will be massaged. When both of your ears have been treated you will be given a facial massage including lymphatic drainage.

• Excess ear wax
• Glue ear
• Ear eczema
• Vertigo or travel sickness
• Sinusitis
• Hay fever, rhinitis
• Tinnitus and Neuralgia
• Snoring
• Stress relief

60 Minute Sessions Just £30

Our ear candle treatment is assured with a Diploma in Thermo-Auricular Therapy.

Clear Your Mind With Ear Candle Treatment From Vibrant Health in Lincoln

General Care

Only BIOSUN Ear Candles are used by Vibrant Health. They contain 100 % pure beeswax, honey extracts, organic grown flax and Beta-Carotene and are combined with powered Indian medicinal herbs and oils. This brand has been safety tested and are medical products class IIa according to medical device directive 93/24/EEC


Recent perforated eardrum – up to 1 year, Acute ear infections, Allergic reaction to candle ingredients, Grommets already in place, First few days of colds/flu, First trimester of pregnancy.