The Benefits of Ear Candle Treatment & EFT

Natural and painless

Ear candle treatment is a natural relaxing therapy, used to calm the mind and soothe the head and ears. It is a completely painless and natural alternative to syringing that helps to rebalance the ear, drawing out impurities.

Before the therapy I will examine the ears with an auriscope, to see if it is safe to carry out the procedure. Once the candle is lit you will hear a pleasant crackling noise during the treatment. After the candle treatment your ear will be massaged. When both of your ears have been treated you will be given a facial massage including lymphatic drainage.

• Excess ear wax
• Glue ear
• Ear eczema
• Vertigo or travel sickness
• Sinusitis
• Hay fever, rhinitis
• Tinnitus and Neuralgia
• Snoring
• Stress relief

Thermo-Auricular Therapy (Hopi-Ear Candling) Course

– £110 day courses –

Approved by Balens Insurance Company

One day intensive course. Covering everything you need to know to safely and professionally conduct therapy sessions.

60 Minute Sessions Just £30

Our ear candle treatment is assured with a Diploma in Thermo-Auricular Therapy.

General Care

Only BIOSUN Ear Candles are used by Vibrant Health. They contain 100 % pure beeswax, honey extracts, organic grown flax and Beta-Carotene and are combined with powered Indian medicinal herbs and oils. This brand has been safety tested and are medical products class IIa according to medical device directive 93/24/EEC.


Recent perforated eardrum – up to 1 year, Acute ear infections, Allergic reaction to candle ingredients, Grommets already in place, First few days of colds/flu, First trimester of pregnancy.

EFT Offers The Help That You Need

Strong emotions can block your thinking and lead to worry, unwanted habits, and cravings. We do not want you to mask your emotional and physical pain with food, drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Free yourself to become the person you are capable of being

How Emotional Freedom Technique Can Free You

Emotional health is the background on which our happiness is founded. When you are emotionally healthy you can bounce back from life’s lessons with confidence and understanding. We understand that sometimes you can find it hard to deal with certain situations in life.

• Low mood and lack of confidence
• Stress and related symptoms
• Pain, grief and coming to terms with past events and traumas
• Children’s issues, fears and phobias
• Anxiety and panic attacks

60 Minute Sessions Just £30

Improve your emotional health with our emotional freedom technique. I have attended a 3 day conference/workshop with the founder of EFT Gary Craig.

"Karen is truly an angel, great healing session today fusion of Crystals and Reiki, I am now feeling re-balanced & recharged, looking forward to my next session in a few weeks - Thank you Karen"

- Heather Marshall